Manley Rods will warranty your new Manley Rod and MRF System for a Lifetime. While many companies are steering away from these types of warranties, the quality of our blank and components allows us to feel comfortable in backing our rods for a lifetime. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred. Proof of Purchase is required for all warranty claims.

If the damage was caused by defects in material or workmanship, Manley Rods will replace the rod quickly and at no charge to you. If Manley Rods determines that the rod was damaged due to abuse or misuse, we will contact you and offer you a replacement for a reasonable replacement fee. Broken guides are not covered under warranty; they can be fixed by a local quality fishing shop cheaper than it costs to ship a rod. If you broke a guide on your rod, contact us and we will send you a replacement that you can have repaired locally.

Please understand that rods are not indestructible and must be used in a reasonable manor for the type of fishing they were designed for. If you have any questions about the proper applications for a specific model, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If the Adjust-A-Butt extension rod portion of the MRF System is damaged, it alone may be returned for replacement for a flat $7.50 shipping charge.

If you broke your rod setting the hook like Kevin Van Dam on a stump or sword-fighting with the ceiling fan like Bill Dance, please use the OOPS! Rod Replacement Program below. 



We've all been there: your rod gets slammed in a hatch, your buddy runs over it with his truck, or you accidentally tie a 6-oz lure on a rod rated for 3/4-oz while half asleep at the boat ramp. We want to reward you for being a loyal customer and get another rod in your hands as soon as possible. We know most rod breaks aren't due to defects, but accidents happen and we believe you should have an opportunity to replace your favorite Manley at a reasonable price.

Provided you have your Proof of Purchase and are the original owner, we will happily send you a brand new rod of the same model for the Replacement Fee below:

Gold Series replacement fee: $50.00
Platinum Series replacement fee: $60.00

*Shipping is included in replacement fee. 

Submit a completed Claim Form with details and photos of the damage encountered. Upon review, you will be advised of the best course of action for your situation.

If advised to return your damaged product, you will need to enclose a copy of the Claim Form submitted. When returning your damaged products to our Service Center, the claim form below must be completed.

NOTE:  During the first year of warranty period, no shipping fee is required. After the first year, a $25 shipping fee will be required for warranty claims. Refer to the date on your proof of purchase.
If the Adjust-A-Butt extension rod portion is damaged, it alone may be returned for replacement at no charge.  If the rod is damaged, the entire rod must be sent for warranty assessment.  Incomplete rods will be returned and result in voided warranty.  Ship all warranty claims to:


Broken rods may be sent to:
MCN Interactive attn: Returns
2609 Cruzen St.
Nashville, TN 37211

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