Our Beginnings

Terry L. Manley
Terry L. Manley's
vision was to create the best performing fishing rod on the market.  His dream became a reality with his invention of the patented MRF (Multifunctional Rod Foundation) System (also known as the Adjust-A-Butt System).  Made of aerospace aluminum, the MRF System is extremely durable, non-corrosive and allows anglers to adjust the length of the butt for different techniques or fishing styles.Mark Steven Course

Mark Steven Crouse, known as “The Munich Man,” has over 42 years of expertise in the rod-building industry and is recognized around the world as one of the best rod builders in the industry. As fate would have it, Terry and Mark met at the International Custom Rod Building Expo (ICRBE). Mark was extremely impressed with the new and innovative MRF System, which was nothing compared to the reinvented products he was accustomed to seeing at expos. Mark could foresee the impact this product could have on the fishing rod industry.

Over the following year, Terry and Mark worked together to perfect the design.  Now perfect, the new line of rods are lighter, stronger, more sensitive and more versatile than ever before.

In addition to the MRF System, Manley Rods feature one of the best rod blanks in the world as well as top of the line components. Learn more about our components by clicking here.

Because of the high quality components used in our rods, we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on every one. 





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