Revive an Old Rod!

Take your old fishing rod with worn out handles (and good guides) and REVIVE IT by installing the Adjust-A-Butt Telescoping Handle MRF (Multifunctional Rod Foundation) System!  Adjust-A-Butt will give your old fishing rods renewed life and provide versatile use with multiple baits and styles of fishing. Spin or bait cast, full rear grip or split rear grip…you can REVIVE just about any fishing rod.  It’s easy to do and you do not have to be a rod builder to install the Adjust-A-Butt in an old rod!






How To Order:
How to measure and order Adjust-A-Butt Telescoping Handles!


How To Build:
See how easy it is to build a rod with the Adjust-A-Butt Telescoping Handle!

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